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Online Casinos Payout Rate Welcome Bonus Total Rating Reviews
AllSlots Casino 98.9% $777 10 Review
SlotsOfVegas 98.3% $400 9.98 Review
Europa Casino 98.3% $500 9.96 Review
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Slot Monster at Allslots

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The objective of free spins slots like is to achieve maximum winnings with the free spins the casino offers. In case of video poker is to achieve the best possible hand with 5 cards from their different value:
Profit hands in video poker (in descending order)

Royal Flush: street that ends in one color on Ass, so heart 10, Jack of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts and Ace of Hearts in any order

Straight Flush: Five b cards of any suit at the best casino UK

Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same values, regardless of the color, such as 4 Kings or 4 x 9

Full House: A hand consisting of three of a kind and a pair

Flush: 5 cards of the same color

Straight: 5 cards in street row, but of a different color

Three of a Kind: Drilling of three cards of one rank, plus two unmatched cards

Two Pair: Two different couples

The objective of video slots and how the game is played

500 € free plus 1 hour free play waiting for you after logging in as a welcome gift at the best pay by mobile bill casino games. This cries out for a visit to the Mummy's Gold Online Casino!

, Everything loses a hand consisting of Jacks or higher quality maps below this value: Jacks or Better

Casino Tropez
Also in the Casino Club access to video poker is great!

Whichever variant of video poker you play, the gameplay remains the same and each hand begins in the same article you have selected your bet on the control of the machine, click or press the "Deal" button and your five cards are dealt .
If your hand out good cards that are likely to result in a profit, you need to keep these cards in which you press the "Hold" button or click. Play Jacks or Better, for example, you should include all boys and hold all the cards with a higher value (King, Ace). Some machines are already done for you, while others do the hold function necessary, according to

Once you have selected the cards that you wish to keep, press the "Deal" button once again and the cards that you have stored will be replaced with new ones. If only some or no cards in this case be useful to improve your initial hand, you will according to this profit (if any) paid, or you receive the payment, which is due to the additional profit cards.

In addition to video poker there's also great blackjack variations and a huge selection of video slot machines .
The Video Poker "Gamble" feature
Many video poker games offer players the opportunity to use feature that offers you the chance the "Gamble" or "Double" to double either your full profit or half of it, if you do not want him to cash out on the game controller.

Are you one of those people who appreciate a higher risk in their games, then you can either select the doubling of your entire profit or even doubling the half of it by choosing the "Gamble" feature. Five cards are dealt, one face up of the rest of hidden and you must select one of the four hole cards. Does she have a higher value than the already face-up card, you will double your winnings. However, it has a lower value, you lose in height, which you have set (whole or half). You can then collect your winnings, or choose to play the "Gamble" feature again.

Video Poker Strategy at
Even though it is very advanced strategies and techniques are in video poker, there is the most effective way to win is to make yourself familiar with the opportunities of each insert, which cards are better stored or kept and use the "Gamble" feature sparingly.


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