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AllSlots Casino 98.9% $777 10 Review
SlotsOfVegas 98.3% $400 9.98 Review
Europa Casino 98.3% $500 9.96 Review
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Slot Monster at Allslots

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Keno is an exciting prediction game and the origin is no less exciting. According to traditions, the Chinese have invented the game. More specifically, it was the Chinese Cheung Leung who had this great idea. With the proceeds from Keno the Great Wall was to be financed. And so it happened. 2,200 years ago, the great bulwark is complete.
Today, Keno is still popular. But the game works with numbers that are to be determined. More than 2,000 years ago there were still Chinese characters, which had to guess. 120 characters were available. To make the spectacle perfectly, pulled white doves letters from the set of characters. Not much has changed in some areas of Asia since then. There are still white doves popular as a drawing shape. Pigeons teach partly also the lucky players who live far away, on the results. Now, you might believe the term Keno originated from the Chinese. But far from it. The word is of French origin. "Quine" or "Quinterne" means five right in the original lottery 5 out of 90 Keno makes especially as an alternative to the lottery many players fun.
For over 10 years we play at Royal Vegas and have never been disappointed! Fast payouts, very friendly support and wide range of game. What are you waiting attract € 1200 bonus!
At the beginning of the 20th century Keno came to the so-called New World, and thus also in the casinos. Chinese workers brought the popular game of chance. The Chinese characters were replaced by numbers. 80 numbers are now internationally available. Plastic is the ping-pong balls. Each ball carries a number and revolves in an air chamber. 20 balls will eventually be ejected. Are there similarities with their own advice, it means profits.


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